Silverware holder and Napkin holder dining table Desk organizer set-black

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Elegant decorative spoon and paper napkin holder set is perfect for any dining table set up or use it as a pen and mail holder on an office desk as well.

Can blend in with any decor but also has that traditional touch.
completely Handmade.
Made with MDF wood base and paper mache design.
Design on all sides.
Has a very detail work textured black background.
Green,red and yellow color paper mache work with some painting on top.
Has a clear polish to protect.
Spoon/pen holder: 4.5" X4.5" X2.5"
Paper napkin/Mail holder: 4.5" X6.5" X1.5"
Since it's made out of MDF wood, never submerge in a water. Wipe clean with water and dry it out immediately.