Beige Decorative Cutlery and Paper Napkin Holder, Dining Table Decor

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Unique decorative spoon and paper napkin holder set is perfect for any dining table set up. Can be used as a pen and mail holder on an office desk as well.

Makes a perfect hostess gift or a gift for colleague

Spoon/pen holder: 4.5" X4.5" X2.5"
Paper napkin/Mail holder: 4.5" X6.5" X1.5"

Made out of MDF wood.
Has a very detail work textured light yellow background.
Green,red and orange color paper mache work with some gold painting and jewels on top.
Has a clear polish to protect.

Since it's made out of MDF wood, never submerge in a water. Wipe clean with water and dry it out immediately.